Real value means great educational opportunities augmented with quality professional materials that you can retain in your professional library.  Pay once and continue “re-learning”.

I offer seminars that deal precisely with Home Inspection main line topics.  Nothing else.  Thus your continuing education requirement is fully supported and your professional resources are increased.  This is knowledge you can reference!  No other Home Inspection school does this.

These seminars are ALL NYS APPROVED.  Each and every seminar has a unique “L” number assigned to it by NYS Dept. of Education.  You must take continuing Education seminars that have these “L” numbers with four digits (L-xxxx) assigned to them or you will not receive credit toward your mandatory education requirements.  Any other type course will NOT be accepted for your continuing education requirements by NYS, including ASHI, NASHI etc.  Do not be fooled, look for the “L” number or you will have taken unneeded seminars and waisted money and time.  Still not sure?  Call the phone # listed below at NYS!

There currently are 14 seminars available.  I have structured each seminar day to give you the maximum continuing education credits (usually 6 or more). Educational credits vary depending on your seminar selection.   

All Residential Home Inspectors in NY State need at least 24 continuing education hours to maintain your license in every two years.  Check your license date and read below which was copied directly from the NY State web site.  If you have questions about your individual license, please call the NYS Division of Licensing Services at (518) 474-4429.  Please have your license number available.  You can also visit their linked web site below.

Division of Licensing Services


As required in statute, home inspectors will need to complete continuing education within their two-year license renewal period prior to the expiration date in order to renew their license. In order to fairly implement this requirement, the Home Inspector Advisory Board in conjunction with the Department of State has determined that the amount of hours of continuing education to be completed is dependent upon the renewal date of the license. The required continuing education hours are as follows:

•Applicants whose license expiration renewal dates fall on or before December 30, 2008 will need to complete six hours of Department of State approved continuing education prior to renewal.

•Those that fall on and after December 31, 2008 will need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing education prior to renewal.

Questions about the Home Inspection Laws?

At the below linked web site, you can review the complete NYS law called “Article 12B Real Property Law Home Inspection Professional Licensing”.  Please read this information!

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Home Inspection Continuing Education Seminars and the NY State Home Inspection Laws