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Dale R. Paegelow, AIA

12 Interlaken Road
 Patterson, N.Y. 12563
 (845) 279 9033 = Telephone

I am proud to provide the following professional design services for discriminating clients:

  1. 1.Architecture

    1. 1.Residential Design 

    2. 2.Commercial Design 

    3. 3.Health Care Design 

    4. 4.Institutional Design 

    5. 5.Transportation Design 

  2. 2.Interior Design

  3. 3.Master Planning

  4. 4.Home Inspection

    1. 1.Residential Inspections

    2. 2.Commercial Inspections

    3. 3.Institutional Inspections

    4. 4.Home Inspection Licensing Classes

    5. 5.Home Inspection Continuing Education Classes

  5. 5.Forensic Architecture

  6. 6.Expert Witness

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If you have any questions, please click on Ask Dale a question?, which is at the bottom of each web page. I will personally and promptly answer your questions. You may also call me at (845) 279 9033.

Architects have always played the role of visualizing what did not yet exist. We are seers and designers. We combine many sources of spoken and written needs and create real objects within the real world. I integrate ideas, visions, engineering realities with aesthetics and human desire. It should not surprise you that today, I apply my abilities to help you understand sometimes murky, amorphous, business problems along with the creative side of this business, called architecture.

Please "bookmark" my web site so you can find me again. I am an architect with over 47 years experience on residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional, projects.  I am also an Interior Designer, Master Planner, Building Inspector and Forensic Architect.

I have worked with and for Federal, State, Local and Private organizations as well as numerous Architectural and Engineering firms plus many wonderful private individuals.

Registered Architect:

  1. New York State, (license # 018364-1), Connecticut, (License # 6962) and hold an NCARB certificate, (#37,031).  Reference site: NY State Board of Architects .


  1. New York School of Interior Design, 1964, Certificate.

  2. Pratt Institute, 1972, Bachelor Degree, Fine Arts.

  3. Pratt Institute, 1974, Bachelor Degree, Architecture .


  1. 1.The American Institute of Architects. (A I A).

  2. 2.New York State Association of Architects.

  3. 3.The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. (N.C.A.R.B.)

  4. 4.The Environmental Conservation Commission of Patterson, N.Y. (Past Director).

  5. 5.The Patterson Chamber of Commerce (Past Director).

  6. 6.Honors: The Arnold W. Brunner Award from the New York City Chapter of the A.I.A. (Team member with Jerzy Glowczewski, Architect.)

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