Architects have always played the role of visualizing what did not yet exist.

droppedImageWe are seers and designers. We combine many sources of the spoken or written with abstract needs, to create real objects, within the real world. As an architect, I integrate ideas, visions, & engineering principals with aesthetics and financial reality.

I am very experienced in the technical, hands-on details of the design and construction industries. I understand first-hand the administrative, physical, and legal issues of design and construction arguments.

I apply my abilities to help you question and then understand sometimes murky, amorphous, business problems along with the creative side of this business, called architecture. I provide Due Diligence (fact finding) in my work products as an Expert Witness. The theory behind Due Diligence is that this type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of provable information available to decision makers.

My 50 plus years of education, training, testing and experience, along with my ability to provide clear and concise technical points of fact in report format, enables me to provide unique professional services for many types of design, construction defect, construction contract, and / or legal arguments.

I am an architect with many years of experience on residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional, projects. I am an Artist, Interior Designer, Master Planner, Building Inspector, Forensic Architect and Teacher. I have worked with and for Federal, State, Local and Private organizations as well as numerous Architectural and Engineering firms, Colleges and many wonderful private individuals.

I have inspected tens of thousands of buildings of every type. I have taught many individuals to become licensed inspectors and hundreds more to comply with their continuing education requirements as Architects, Engineers and Home Inspectors.

I have worked for both the Defendant and the Plaintiff as an expert witness.

My responsibility is to express the truth, as I understand it professionally, given all the facts I have at the time.

I continue to actively practice in my profession and teach at two separate educational institutions.  Expert witness consultation is just one of many things that I do.  I am easily reachable by email or phone (except when teaching a class). I have Jury experience.  I have given depositions.  I have never had a professional disciplinary action brought against me.  My expert witness testimony is based upon my written reports and they are in harmony with each other.  My reports are held to the highest legal standards, Federal Rule 26.

I have worked very hard to create a contract and work product that responds to lawyers in a timely manner.  For this reason, I have created a “System” that I use.  This system is a thoroughly researched, proven & bullet-proof, time saving method for the production of all types of cases that need my services as an Expert Witness.

My system includes building a formal case report for each legal case that is formatted to comply with Federal Rule 26. (General Provisions Governing Discovery; Duty of Disclosure).  No matter where your work products take you with a legal case, all my work on your legal case as an Expert Witness is accepted in any Court of the Land (State & Federal) in the future.  You receive a legal case report that is to the point and covers all legal requirements, and you get it with no wasted effort.  This saves you time & money.  My system requires that I work for the lawyer ONLY, as it removes any potential conflict of interest issue for the Court as defined under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule # 26.

Yes, using the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is a more comprehensive and more difficult system to produce an Expert Witness Report than New York, Connecticut or New Jersey State Laws require, but you get more, for less time & money.  If you are in State Court and your case is moved to Federal Court, you will not have to rehire an additional Expert Witness and incur additional expenses needlessly and waste valuable time.

All of this enables me to be a unique Expert Witness.