Master Planning

General Questions

  • What is Master Planning? Master Planning is site engineering and architectural esthetics for large and complex projects. They can be multiple housing projects for thousands of homes, industrial projects for factory complexes, commercial projects such as shopping centers, trailer parks or condo’s at the ocean with a golf course.
  • What is the purpose of Master Planning? One purpose of the Master Plan is to set the parameters and develop in detail the conclusions with a goal toward the orderly implementation of the entire project as they relate to the site in its natural condition. Another goal is to provide data that can be used for design input and conclusions throughout the planning and implementation of the project . This should allow financial planning and cash flow to take place based upon a sound knowledge of the physical and construction capabilities of the site, thus insuring proper environmental and financial control. The last goal should be sustainability of the project. The design should aid and nourish, providing support, strength and endurance for the Master Plan.
  • Who does the Master Planner interface with? A normal part of the project implementation is interfacing with Owners, Developers, Contractors, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Environmental Planners, Landscape Architects, Hydrologists, Civil Engineers, Community Officials, State Officials and Federal Government Officials.
  • What areas of a project site is Master Planning concerned with? Master Planning is concerned with many areas of a project site including these:

Existing Conditions and Vegetation. | Elevations | Slope Analysis | Drainage | Erodability | Depth to bedrock | Open Space & Recreation | Internal Streets | Roadway Summary | Phasing | Hydrology | Domestic Water | Storm | Drainage | Sanitary Sewer | Electricity & Natural Gas | Telephone and Cable | TV | Space Planning Requirements | Micro climate | Visual Analysis |Site constraints | Site Opportunities | Zoning.

Listing of Projects

  • Rockefeller Family, North Tarrytown, Westchester, N.Y. (Various Landscaping projects all over the property while working for landscape architect, A.E. Bye).
  • Woolworth Family, Kennebunkport Maine. (Project designer with other architects and landscape architects of all Landscaping and exterior lighting while working for landscape architect, A.E. Bye).
  • Town of Pelham Manor, N.Y. (Project designer with other architects and landscape architects for waterfront public park conversion from a former town dump. This is located next to the N.Y. Athletic Club property while working for landscape architect, A.E. Bye).
  • Gaines Farms Horse Ranch, Louisville, Kentucky (Project architect with landscape architects for the on-going maintenance and design of new facilities at a world famous horse breeding farm, while working for landscape architect, A.E. Bye).
  • Nelson Rockefeller, West Texas. (Project designer with another architect of 7,000 acre animal preserve, retreat and private home with all roads, building complexes and a private air strip – with Peter Ogden, Architect).
  • Community Center, Waterbury, Conn. (Associate architect for the study of a 5 story Regional Black Community Center in a renovated shoe factory, four stories of about 75,000 S.F. – with CODA architects).
  • Town Plan, Pound Ridge, N.Y. (Associate architect and co-author for the town plan, based upon ecology, funded by “PRUP”, Pound Ridge United for Planning.) (The citizens of Pound Ridge) and CODA architects.
  • Land Use Through Ecology, A Case Study of Pound Ridge, N.Y. (Associate architect and co-author) (funded by “PRUP”.) and CODA architects.
  • Common Urban Household, Urban Design Technique Complementing Natural Environment, Economic and Legislative Measures for Medium Size Towns in New York State. (Associate architect in a study done at Newburgh, N Y. to determine the impact of Stewart Air force Base in becoming the fourth New York City airport. This study won the Arnold W. Brunner Award from the New York City Chapter of the A.I.A.) with CODA architects.
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, Brookhaven, N.Y. (Chief planner/designer for the revision of the master plan of a 6,500 acre Federal Government science laboratory, consisting of an analysis of site development and the facilities utilization plan. This planning provided BNL’s long range re-vitalization, incorporating the existing constraints and extending the concepts developed in the planning analysis so they could extent well beyond the year 2,010 – with Max Urbahn, FAIA.)
  • Basic Utility Airport Feasibility Site Selection Study, Brookhaven, N.Y. (Project manager to locate site for small airport within county of Brookhaven and establish costs to purchase and develop land – with Max Urbahn, FAIA.)
  • Building Analysis report for 45 West 18th Street, N.Y. (Project manager to convert building to commercial space and attract tenant to rent building. – with Urbahn, Lynn Associates).
  • Ottare Development, Columbia, North Carolina. (Project designer of a 6,000 acre heavy industry manufacturing park -with Maitland Strauss Architects).
  • Prestwick, Hendricks County, Indiana. Planned Unit Development Company. (Project architect for planning 3,300 homes in 12 phases with Townhouse Deluxe, Townhouse Economy, Patio, Zero Lot Line, Single Family Clustered, and Single Family Lots. Located on 650 acres, with 292 in open space, 313 in residential, 34 in commercial and 11 in utility -with Maitland Strauss Architects).
  • Country Communities Inc., Butler County, Ohio. (Project architect for planning of 7,177 dwellings units located on 826 acres. 478 acres in residential, 288 acres in open space and 60 acres in commercial -with Maitland Strauss Architects).
  • Keystone at the Crossing, Indianapolis, Indiana. (Project architect for a major regional 285 acre shopping center with 105 acres of retail, 24 acres of attached, single and multi-family housing, and 156 acres of open space -with Maitland Strauss Architects).
  • Maplebrook Townhouses, Yorktown, N.Y. (Project manager, 50 Condo units -with another architect–Maitland Strauss).